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a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, accents, alcohol, androgyny, angels, anne rice, ash, bangle bracelets, beautiful boys, beautiful girls, ben folds five, bernard black, billy corgan, black books, black things, blood, brett anderson, brian molko, brown sugar cubes, buffy, candles, coffee, coffins, d'arcy, doc martens, dominic monaghan, donnie darko, dracula, dreaming, echo and the bunnymen, edward scissorhands, eyeliner, faeries, fanfiction, feather boas, festivals, fight club, fishnet, forever delayed, fragments, franz ferdinand, garbage, generation terrorists, glam, glamour twins, glitter, gold against the soul, graveyards, guitars, h&m, hair dye, hair spray, hello kitty, interpol, interview with the vampire, jack sparrow, james dean bradfield, james iha, jeff buckley, jimmy chamberlin, johnny depp, know your enemy, kohl eyeliner, lifeblood, lipstick traces, literature, lord of the rings, lyrics, m night shyamalan, manic street preachers, manics, marius, messy hair, music, nick jones, nick valensi, nicky fucking wire, nicky wire, nightmare before christmas, nighttime, novels, nutella, obsessions, paint, photography, pixies, placebo, playing cards, politics, pouting at the camera, prozac nation, radiohead, reading, ribena, richey "android" edwards, richey edwards, richey james, richey manic, roses, shakespeare, shirley manson, slash, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snow, snowflakes, sp, st nicks market, stars, stay beautiful, stripey tights, t in the park, the clash, the doors, the holy bible (album), the secret history, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, thinking, thom yorke, tim burton, tim wheeler, tom waits, top hats, travis, twin peaks, vegetarianism, velvet goldmine, vodka, wilde, wine, wings, winter, writing quotes on everything, ygiis tarachi, zwan